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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Copper Yantra’s

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Item Code:- SPI-1008.

Yantras are certain geometrical patterns inscribed with Mantras and certain alphabets and numbers on pure metal plates, made of Gold, Silver, or Copper. Earlier, they were made on Palm leaves. Along with the geometrical patterns, there are some alphabets inscribed which have certain astral energies, and also the Mantra related to the deity or planets. These Yantras are said to have a lot of power, to dispel evil.

Available Sizes:- 2’’X 2’’ to 9” X 9” and many more.

Different Forms Available:- Kailash Dhanraksha ! Hanuman Gold Plated Yantra ! Mahalaxmi Gold Plated Yantra ! Ganesh Gold Plated Yanta ! Maha Mritunjay Gold Plated Yantra ! Gayatri Gold Plated Yantra ! Navgraha Gold Plated Yantra ! Saraswati Gold Plated Yantra ! Kuber Gold Plated Yantra.